Stories and adventures from your not-so-average law student.

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Stories and adventures from your not-so-average law student.

Tonight was awesome.

But also a little bit oeverwhelming…

None of the drinks were under a thousand; no amount discussed was under one million.

I learned about gold mining, crazy parties - just how crazy the parties get - and how escort services rank from Indonesia to Japan. I also heard a bunch of other stuff that I don’t feel comfortable disclosing here even with all the anonymity thing and using vague terms.

I drank single malt which was older than me.

It’s all very stimulating but I still feel very foreign to this environment. 

"You are so incredibly smart. Much more than you take credit for. We joke a lot around the office about you having to start dating with A but I am actually starting to think that she’s quite far from your level."

It was flattering, of course. But, most importantly, it reminded me why I always end up dating older girls: girls my age and a bit younger love the suit and the idea that I am a soon-to-be lawyer because it implies money, nice restaurants and fancy cars; they are still running after those guys who have the VIP lounge in clubs and nice apartments for house parties. 

"What happens to the money you make every month? How come you don’t have time to go out? How come you are not getting the bottle service?"

They don’t understand a logic of pouring money into long-term investments and trying to expand the capital with which I stack percentage points; they don’t understand that I will be benefiting for years from my usage of my money whereas drinking it will only yield me blurry memories and a difficult awakening. Of course, “work hard, play hard” is one of my mottos but I don’t need to play every night. 

They don’t respect that I am going through nearly one book per week. 

That’s why I told them they are too young, that’s why they can’t compete with the older girls who not only can respect a sense of spirituality, intelligence, manners and modesty but who also possess such qualities. And even when it comes to younger girls, I’m still pretty popular… Well, popular enough that I haven’t really had a night characterized by solitude in the past year or so. 

I wonder when I will find a girl to equate my awesomeness and make me feel like settling down. For the time being, though, it’s not an important matter.

Lawblr off.

Lawblerer: Could we get the originals of those documents?
Client: I can't take them out of the office. They have to stay within the department.
Lawblerer: And... who's in charge of the department again?
Client: ...
Lawblerer: ...
Client: I am. I am the head of that department...
Lawblerer: So, will it be possible for you to ask permission to yourself as to whether you can take the documents or not?

Q: any advice for getting through law school? this is my first year and part of me is keen as and hell pumped to get into it and the other is crying inside with fear hahah thanks

Read your case law before class. Talk to your professors, talk to your classmates. Evidence law is incredibly important. Try not to abuse the coffee (at first). Participate in the crazy lawschool stuff. Eat sunflower seeds when in need of snacking while you read, not chips. Get a lot of sleep. Use the Cornell note-taking and reviewing system. Make a Word template for your case law. Develop the habit of reading away from your computer. Say goodbye to friends, relationship (if any) or long-term polyamorous lovers. When allowed, record your classes.

Asked by lostinthelourve

Time to finally own a share in Google.

My double grey goose on ice was sitting in a stylish glass that fitted well the upscale decor of the lounge-ish bar. The band was playing jazz and it was playing nicely.

I was listening to my boss; no, not in the way you imagine, not in that “I was feigning interest in his ranting” way but really paying attention to his words and what he was saying. It sounded very much like the way I spoke myself; it reminded me a lot of my own thoughts. 

It was the first time I was meeting him outside of the office, the first time I was seeing him without his “managing partner” rushed demeanor, between two meetings, five memos to read and 10 staff to supervise on a big case. I respect any man I encounter but hearing such similarities in our concepts increased my respect for him and made me even gladder to have started working at the firm.

I learnt from most of the people I worked with and worked under but I think this is guy really can be a mentor.

So, as per usual, my brain has shifted to “let’s not fuck this up mode”.

Other than that, my next goal is to find some much needed balance between work and play. 

"We don’t imagine; “imagine” is for artists. We’re lawyers."

I started running again about a month ago and finally broke through my 5KM in 25 minutes objective. 

I love pushing myself; lately I feel like I have just been growing and getting more awesome everyday, in so many different aspects.

I had two really great investments which together yielded me 36% in six months. I don’t know why but I am feeling like the market may take a hit soon; maybe it’s all that nonsense with Russia. I hate basing my judgement on macro and hate predicting since it’s the best way to be wrong but I could really see the escalation of sanctions threaten the whole European recovery and, like dominoes, take the US down with it.

So I liquidated the equivalent of 70% of the investment, which gave me back 95% of the principal I initially invested.

I’m now basically gambling on the house money.

Me: At first glance, it seems like this could not succeed... [long enunciation of legal reasons].
Partner: How the fuck is it that you know all of that?
Me: I'm just really awesome; be glad you hired me.
Partner: Alright. Since you're that ahead in your research, you have time to go fetch us coffee. I have a lot to finish and I want your memo before I leave for Shanghai tomorrow morning.
Me: ....
Partner: Take the firm's card and make sure to be super awesome when you get to Starbucks! [laughing his ass off]
*I feel like we share the same humour but the imbalance of power between us keeps me from enjoying it.*

It was 6AM. I had the energy of a guy who had rested for a whole day; the reality of things was more around 2 hours.

I was lying on a great bed but the real secret to my energy was not the mattress but rather the beautiful girl on it, just at my side. The dancer body, amazing legs and butt, flat stomach; slightly lanky and energetic. 

I don’t know why but sex always gives me such a strong boost.

I kissed her goodbye and left as she complained about seeing me leaving so early. The cab driver was sympathetic, so was the street food vendor. 

I went to class then went to take care of some paperwork. It was 13:00 when I got to the office.

It was 20:00 when I left. 

My brain was hurting when I got home. I went to see my neighbor and sat down with him exactly 15 minutes with a nice glass of scotch on ice. I have been getting increasingly better at such “micro-relaxation”, resting for less than half an hour, completely emptying my mind, and then getting back to work with renewed energy.

After the drink, I went to the gym and did a pretty good time on my 5K, despite the machine failing on me, almost killing me and then forcing me to switch to another one. 

And now I’m back, showered, and ready to finish my studying goal of the week. 

I guess when you are focused and work hard, it’s just really difficult not to do it all.

Four hours of class, nine hours at the office.

I have taken an oath that I would not buy a new watch for myself before my student loans were all written off but I just got a new job and I do believe in symbolism. I want a timepiece I can look at one day and say “I got this one after my first day at the office; I was young and full of energy, it was glorious!”

Can’t have everything.

My coworker asked me how I can be so awesome and how is it that things just seem to always go my way. I replied with something I think could be a lesson for many :

"Success is just when preparedness meets opportunity. And once you’ve succeeded, you just need to keep going. Do you know what I did when I landed this job in this big, international law firm? I patted myself on the back during the elevator ride down from our offices then, as soon as I was out of the building, I took my phone out and set myself a bunch of reminders about any details mentioned during my conversation with the managing partner as well as to review any sort of applicable notes I had and research for some more material. I was happy for a whole 30 floors then went back to the ultimate question : how do I not screw this up?

When you internalize this kind of work ethic and focus, when you are constantly looking forward, anticipating and getting prepared, nothing will ever stand in your way.”

Call it a mix of French passion and American greediness.